Meet Monash HPR’s Aerostructures Team Lead - Jeremy Pryor - who is studying a double degree in Engineering (Aerospace) & Science (Physics).


Roles and Responsibilities at HPR:

My role as the structures lead is to make sure that the airframe projects are completed on time and under budget. Some of the projects within structures may be to design airframes that can withstand the inertial and aerodynamic loading but remain lightweight or to design fins for reduced drag but ensure they don't become structurally unstable.


I am also responsible for planning the future of structures in terms of RnD projects and what processes and materials we may choose to use in the future. Structures is a diverse subteam which specialises in many fields. To summarise our the work done by the aerostructures subteam; we use CAD for design, then we manufacture airframe components out of various materials such as carbon fibre, glass fibre, and metals.

Projects and Tasks worked on:

I personally have worked on structures projects as a member, some of these include composites moulding, fluid-structure simulations and even painting airframes. I have launched my own personal L1 and am planning to build and launch a min-diameter L2 capable of supersonic flight. 


Favourite Monash HPR moment:

Working on the construction of Hyperion for the months leading up to launch, then being able to watch it launch in person at AURC.


Number 1 thing to look forward to when returning to campus:

Going back to the workshop to build airframes.