BUSINESS - Jason Kurniawan


Meet Monash HPR's Business Team Lead, Jason Kurniawan, an Engineering (Mechatronics) and Commerce (Economics) double degree student.


Roles and Responsibilities at HPR:

As the business lead, I am responsible for the coordination of the non-technical side of the team. Our sub-team is made up of a diverse range of individuals which allows HPR to be much more then just your average technical student team. 

The business team encompasses a wide range of roles, from the organisation of competition logistics, maintaining our strong social media presence, developing industry and school outreach connections to ensuring that the team is run in a financially responsible manner.


A typical day in isolation:

I like to get my days started early and smash out as much of my university work in the morning. This could be general coursework, study or getting through lectures. I try as much as possible to clear out my schedule after dinner, so that I can block my time out between work, study and rest - this allows me to really enjoy my nights where that be through calls with friends or some entertainment.