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Monash High-Powered Rocketry is a student team dedicated to the design, analysis and construction of high-powered rockets.


Reports to: 

Business Leadership Team

Position Summary:

As a member of the business team at Monash High Powered Rocketry, you will be responsible for the marketing, operations, industry events and outreach programs of the team. This is a oppurtunity for you to build and develop existing skills, while learning new ones.  

Some responsibilities include:
  • Organising and running outreach programs

  • Organising team events, launches and competitions 

  • Creating marketing materials and other documents for both internal and external uses

  • Coordinating and managing team members for different events

  • Sorting, editing and compiling photos ready for use for marketing, social media and other uses

Experience/skills required:
  • Good communication and presentation skills

  • Excellent organsation skills

An Interest in Learning:
  • The ins and outs of a student team, and how one operates

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Photography and videography

  • Event management