CONTROL - George Coe


Introducing our Control team lead, George Coe, a Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering and Bachelor of Science (physics) student.


Roles and Responsibilities at HPR:

In this position, I am responsible for organising the budget and managing the goals of the control team, and making sure that we stay on track to get everything done on time. I also develop some of the software used on our control systems and test it to make sure it is reliable.


Projects and Tasks worked on:

Some other projects I have taken part in for other teams include redesigning the GUI for our rocket trajectory simulator called SATURN, developing the groundstation receiving software that sends the telemetry data to all of our dashboards, and creating the software for our past airbrake control systems.


Favourite Monash HPR moment:

Seeing the first airbrake system launch in Drouin on our rocket Alderaan.