Our Team

Monash HPR (High Powered Rocketry) is a student team dedicated to the design, analysis and construction of high-powered rockets. Formed in conjunction with the Australian Youth Aerospace Association’s announcement of the inaugural Australian Universities Rocket Competition (AURC), Monash HPR intends to design and construct a rocket to compete in the 30,000 ft category of this exciting competition.

Next year we have the opportunity to compete in the highly anticipated, international competition, the SpacePort America Cupwhere we will be entering our 10,000 ft rocket. *Dependent on COVID-19.



Find out everything you want to know from some of our talented team members

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I really wanted to be able to have ideas and have experiments and be able to see whether or not those ideas could come to fruition

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Because of the skills I learned at Monash HPR, I was able to get a simulation engineering internship. From there, I'm able to get extremely important industry experience and skills that I can relate back into the team

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My favourite thing about being in HPR is that I get to come in everyday and work on something with a team who are really fun to be with