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Monash High-Powered Rocketry is a student team dedicated to the design, analysis and construction of high-powered rockets.


Reports to: 

Business Team Leader

Job Summary: 

As the graphic designer for Monash HPR, you will be predominantly responsible for the visual design and look for the team. You will be working alongside other members of the business team to develop content for both internal and external use. This includes creating visuals and animations for our social media posts, or creating marketing and promotional material.

  • Creating visual graphics for social media posts

  • Creating marketing materials and other documents for both internal and external uses

  • Refining our existing branding guidelines

  • Assisting other members with various tasks and projects when needed.

Experience/skills required:
  • Basic knowledge and experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign (preferable).

  • A basic understanding of marketing and branding techniques

  • An eye for design

An Interest in Learning:
  • A willingness to learn and develop skills with the Adobe Creative Suite.

  • A basic understanding of technical aspects of the teams engineering aspects