Human Resources - James MacKinnon


Meet Monash HPR's Human Resource Manager, James MacKinnon, an Aerospace Engineering and Finance student.


Roles and Responsibilities at HPR:

I manage much of the everyday administrative tasks of management team and the overall team. Organising software licenses, setting up permissions and ensuring team policy is followed. I essentially do the boring everyday tasks that allows all our dedicated members to create the awesome rockets for competition. I also run and manage the recruitment of and training sessions for new members.


Projects and Tasks worked on:

As a member of the control subteam, I also worked on the building of the Athena V3 control system that became the prototype for air brake system in our Icarus rocket.


Favourite Monash HPR moment:

One of my favourite moments so far at HPR was when the Athena V3 airbrakes first worked. We had spent hours working on getting the system ready for a test launch that got cancelled due to weather.