PROPULSION - Josh Gibbins


Introducing our Propulsion Team Lead, Isaac Sims, an Aerospace Engineering student.


Roles and Responsibilities at HPR:

I am responsible for setting the technical direction of the subteam, and ensuring that the work we do integrates with the broader vision of Monash HPR. As subteam lead, I am the bottom line for ensuring we meet our goals, and that we do so in a safe fashion. Facilitating meetings and collecting documentation is a big part of my role - I aim to give our members all of the tools they need to achieve the work we set out to do.


Projects and Tasks worked on:

My first engagement with rocketry occurred when I joined the team - I was able to build and modify a level 1 high powered rocket as part of a coursework project. The second half of that project involved designing and scratch building a level 2 rocket. On the back of that solid grounding, I moved into the propulsion team, and began work on our first hybrid motor, 'Biggie Smalls', achieving mixed success.

Outside of rocketry, I'm an electronics hobbyist - I've dabbled in analogue synths, digital signals processing and small scale robotics. 

My latest endeavour in that field is an as yet unfinished cnc router. I'm also very proud of my work as an officer in my local fire brigade.