TEAM LEAD - Callen Hardie

Meet Monash HPR's Team Lead, Callen Hardie, a Mechatronics Engineering and Science (Applied Mathematics & Astrophysics) student.


Roles and Responsibilities:

Overseeing the team's operations, planning of the major projects, launches, competitions, trips, budgets and managing the strategic direction of the team. I liaise with the university, external partners and clubs, and coordinate full management and technical meetings.


Joining HPR and becoming the Team Lead:

I joined HPR in August 2018 to gain experience with rocket and space technologies with fellow passionate students. As a dynamics member, I was coding the early versions of the team's rocket simulation software 'SATURN'.

I also formed the Payload subteam and lead the development of two scientific payloads for the 2019 AURC. In this position I developed skills in leadership and engineering design and ultimately encouraged me to pursue the role of Team Lead.


Favourite Monash HPR moment:

Travelling to outback Queensland to launch our payloads on the Hyperion and Athena rockets.