A huge thank you to all our sponsors for giving us these amazing opportunities!

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Monash university is ranked among the top universities in Australia. A modern, global, research-intensive university, delivering education and research excellence in Australia and across the Indo-Pacific. The home of Monash HPR, supporting us through our endeavours every step of the way.


The top engineering faculty in Australia supports Monash HPR with facilities that rank among the best in the world. Located in both Malaysia and Melbourne, the Faculty of Engineering provides our workshop space, Monash Makerspace, where our rockets are designed, built and tested. 


The Faculty of Science at Monash University is at the forefront of innovation and discovery in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and earth, atmospheric and environmental sciences, providing the equipment, materials as well as facilities needed for Monash HPR to construct its projects.


For the past 20 years, LEAP Australia has been a growing company that provides its customers with the utmost engineering and product development requirements. 

The CFD and FEA capabilities of ANSYS software have allowed us to accurately simulate the performance of the system and ensure safe operation of the rocket under air braking.


Located in Melbourne is Aluminum Trading Centre, Australia’s top aluminum supplier, where purchasing aluminum is made easy! We are pleased to have ATC as a sponsor of Monash HPR, supporting us with the necessary aluminum to build our rockets.

The power of communication and coordination lies within our sponsor Nuclino. Within the program, HPR can gather information, such as policies and documents into one convenient location, collaboration has never been easier!

From finalizing statistics of a rocket to resource management, we are thankful to put out trust in Nuclino.

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Interested in sponsoring Monash HPR? Feel free to reach out here or contact us at business@monashhpr.com

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